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Léa Sassi 

Léa Sassi is a French director based currently in Paris.

After studying journalism at the European Institute of Journalism in Paris (France),

she moved to New York City to pursue a master's degree in Directing at School of Visual Arts

where she was a recipient of the SVA Premieres: Best of 2019 program in L.A.


Combining her journalistic passion for modern society and her keen sense of visual aesthetic,

Léa aims to tell stories that are rooted in reality. Daisy Desire is Lea’s debut narrative short film, inspired by the story of her own mother.


Her debut film, Daisy Desire is currently on the film festival circuit 2020-2021.

Recently, Daisy Desire has been selected by the Rome Prisma Awards, the Feedback Female

Film Festival (Toronto), the Lady Filmmakers Festival (Beverly Hills), the Paris Lift-Off Film Festival and the Demetera International Film Festival (Paris). 

And awarded by the Florence Film Festival (for Best Comedy), the Independent Shorts awards

(for Best Woman short, Best Comedy short, Best Acting assemble, Best Actress for Sharlene Hartmann, and Best First Time director), the Nice Film Festival (for Best Short Film, Best Short Comedy, Best Cinematography, Best Lead Actress, and Best Editing) and finally has been nominated for two awards (Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actress - Fauzi Lakh) at the Barcelona International Film Festival, semi-finalist at the World of Film International Festival Glasgow and finally finalist at the JellyFest Saison 6 (LA). 


She is currently working on the script of her next Short film "Des femmes comme les autres" with the french screenwriter Cécile Polard.