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Festival Selections

- Rome Prisma Awards 

- Feedback Female Film Festival (Toronto)

Lady Filmmakers Festival (Beverly Hills)

- Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 

- Demetera International Film Festival (Paris) 

- FLICKFAIR Film festival (LA). 

Festival Awards

Florence Film Festival (for Best Comedy) 

- Independent Shorts awards (for Best Woman short, Best Comedy short, Best Acting assemble, Best Actress for Sharlene Hartmann, and Best First Time director)

- Nice Film Festival (for Best Short Film, Best Short Comedy, Best Cinematography, Best Lead Actress, and Best Editing)


Festival Nominations

- Barcelona International Film Festival (for Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actress - Fauzi Lakh) 

- New Vision film festival (Amsterdam) (for Best Short film and Best Actress for Sharlene Hartmann)

- Semi-finalist at the World of Film International Festival Glasgow

- Finalist at the JellyFest Saison 6 (LA).


Daisy Desire is the story of 60-year-old literary editor, Daisy, who discovers that her husband Michael is spending his nights watching online pornography. Initially distressed and hurt, her journey surprisingly pulls her into a new world of seduction and self-acceptance. To overcome her insecurities, she will need the support of her two best friends and co-workers, Maribel and Nijma. With their encouragement, Daisy will find herself in the arms of David, a lovely midnight snack.


Director Statement

Daisy Desire is a film about women, made by women and dedicated to women. I made these choices because women are my particular inspiration. I grew up surrounded by strong, complex, independent female figures. Women from different generations who had something to say or to defend, who had to overcome so many life’s battles and did so with dignity and wisdom.

My mother herself is the real inspiration behind this film. A wonderfully multi-faceted woman, she was always driven by a fierce thirst for justice and a desire to embrace sexual liberation and female empowerment. I know for a fact that she is the origin of the “feminist” in me today.
Given the events it depicts, Daisy Desire clearly could have veered to a much heavier, dramatic style of storytelling. However, I consciously choose to tell this story in a light-hearted, quirky tone in order to make the film’s topics more accessible. Making this film has been my favorite creative venture and I hope audiences will delight in it as much as I do.

Review published by the Rome Prisma Awards

Review from the Florence Film Festival :

Interview by the Florence Film Festival

Audience feedback from May 2020 Female Fesitval : 

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